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Maiden Knocks Off North Surry



Parker Hatch

You Can't Get Enough of Zane Williams

Maiden (18-7) and North Surry (15-10) faced off on Tuesday in the first round of the 2A NCHSAA playoffs and it did not end well for the greyhounds. It was a close game all the way up until the 6th inning where Maiden racked up the score and dominated North Surry 6-0. Both Maiden and North Surry are highly respected in their conferences as they are both ranked 2nd.

Junior Ethan Whittaker had an amazing game, he walked off the field with a respectable .500 batting average, .500 on base percentage, a slugging percentage of .500, and finally a fielding percentage of 1.000.

Zane Williams, while only being a Junior has been showing everyone on the field how it's done. He's been averaging a batting percentage of .420, an on base percentage of .523, a slugging percentage of .492, and a fielding percentage of 1.000.

Here recently maiden has been on a roll. They were on a 9 game winning streak until taking an unfortunate loss against Newton-Conover (8-11). Conversely, North Surry lost all of their momentum in a loss against Forbush (24-2) prior to facing Maiden.

Maiden will take on Morehead on Friday May 5th. The location of this game has yet to be determined. Morehead will be looking for blood to defend their impressive record of 23-2 and to advance to the 3rd round of the NCHSAA playoffs. With both teams fans coming to support, their can only be one winner, may the best team win.

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