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Monroe Redhawks Defeat Rocky River in Conference Tournament



Parker Hatch

Redhawks Secure Rocky River Conference Tournament Title

The Monroe Redhawks extended their winning streak with a 36-25 victory over Piedmont, securing their third consecutive win and the Rocky River Conference Tournament title. 

Saniya Wallace's standout performance, with a double-double of 21 points and ten steals, showcased Monroe's offensive strength. Saniya Gingham's double-double of ten points and 13 rebounds also contributed to the team's success. 

Monroe has won four of their last five games, boosting their record to 11-15.

After the defeat, Piedmont's record now stands at 16-10. Piedmont's main scorers were Emily Polk with 10 points and Mikayla Baucom with 4.

Monroe's victory in the tournament solidified their position as a strong contender in the conference as they aim to continue their winning momentum in future games.

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