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Providence Day Girls' Soccer Triumphant over Weddington



Tiffany Walston

Chargers Strong Season Start 6-0 Record

The Providence Day Women’s Soccer team is enjoying a remarkable season, boasting an undefeated record of 6-0. They currently hold an impressive 3rd place ranking in the state and are ranked 19th nationally.

In their recent matchup against Weddington, the team secured a solid 3-1 victory. Junior Caroline Arndt made a crucial goal during the game, while Paige Santos contributed with an assist, further bolstering the team's success.

Looking ahead, the Chargers are gearing up for a challenging match against Oceanside Collegiate Academy (7-0-2) on Friday, March 22nd, scheduled for 7 PM. This matchup promises to be an exciting test of the team's skill and determination as they continue their quest for success this season.

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