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Tiffany Walston

End of March Regional Leaders

Check out our Instagram page for updates on the top win leaders fo softball across the state, as well as the top performers in each of the five regions we cover

Leading the pack are the following standout players:

  1. In the Charlotte region, Addi Benton is setting the pace for Queens Grant (11-1) with an impressive 8 wins so far this season. Benton has showcased her pitching prowess over 38 innings, tallying an impressive 62 strikeouts. Not just a force on the mound, Benton has also contributed with her bat, smashing 3 home runs this season.

  2. Moving to Eastern NC, Peyton Lane from Martin County leads the pack with 9 wins. In a recent standout performance against Warren County, Lane struck out 14 batters in seven innings, allowing just one earned run off two hits, showcasing her dominance and contributing significantly to their flawless 11-0 record.

  3. Representing the Greensboro region is Dakota Redmon of the McMichael Phoenixs, boasting 8 wins. With a 11-2 record and a top spot in the conference, Redmon's contributions on the mound and at bat have been crucial. She has pitched 56 innings with an impressive 117 strikeouts, while also adding 7 home runs and 18 RBI to her impressive stats sheet.

  4. In the Raleigh region, Dayna Bland of Wakefield stands out with 8 wins. Bland's recent performance against Wake Forest saw her command the mound for all seven innings, surrendering just one earned run on two hits and striking out 12 batters.

  5. Heading over to Western NC, Abby Bowman of West Caldwell leads with 5 wins. With over 61 innings pitched and 83 strikeouts to her name, Bowman's impact on the field is undeniable, earning her a spot as a standout leader in her region.

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