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Top Softball RBI Leaders Heading into Easter Holiday



Tiffany Walston

Queens Grant Takes Top 2 Spots

Check out our Instagram page for updates on the top home RBI leaders for softball across the state, as well as the top performers in each of the five regions we cover.

Leading the pack are the following standout players:

  1. In the Charlotte region, Alyssa Steele of Queens Grant (11-1) is lighting up the softball scene with an outstanding performance. With 34 RBI in just 44 plate appearances, Steele boasts a stellar batting average of .641 along with an on-base percentage of .682 and a slugging average of 1.051. Her power at the plate is evident with 2 home runs already this season.

  2. Heading over to Eastern NC, Maddie Rouse from North Lenoir (8-1) is making waves with 21 RBI in 31 plate appearances. Rouse's batting prowess is impressive, sporting a remarkable .720 batting average, an OBP of .829, and a staggering SLG of 1.619, fueled by her 4 home runs this season.

  3. In Greensboro, Aniya Harris is shining for Southwest Guilford (9-2) with 25 RBI and 37 plate appearances. Harris maintains a solid .516 batting average and an OBP of .568, adding 2 home runs to her credit this season.

  4. Over in Raleigh, Aubre Brass of Triton (9-3) is a force to be reckoned with, leading her region with 26 RBI in 36 plate appearances. Brass showcases a .548 batting average and an OBP of .641, delivering 2 home runs for her team.

  5. In Western NC, Evie Hawkins of Pinnacle Classical Academy (4-0) is a top performer with 19 RBI in just 18 plate appearances. Hawkins boasts an incredible .733 batting average, an OBP of .778, and an SLG of 1.333.

Notably, Queens Grant has been a powerhouse, scoring 187 runs this season, with Alyssa Steele and Triniti Hartis driving in 64 of them. They top the RBI leaders chart this week.

Triniti Hartis with 30 RBI and 43 PA

Stay tuned for the latest stats, leaders, and team performances as the softball season unfolds.

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